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Advanced Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are not just for beginners on soft boards experiencing a first time on their feet. Advanced surf lessons help improve your competitive edge, range of skills and surf fitness.

We get first class waves at Mawgan Porth. Having the right equipment is the most important detail. Trying different boards helps advanced surfers increase their confidence in bigger waves and master a range of manoeuvres. That’s why we have selected a range of custom boards to help customers improve their ability.

All our coaches have years of experience Surf Coaching and Free surfing, We are a mix of travellers, teachers, competitors and free surfers, each of us with our own unique style and approach to surfing. Book a lesson with us and we will tailor suit a coach to fit your style and help you progress and unlock higher levels in your surfing!

Looking for advanced surf lessons? Want to improve your surf fitness?