family surf lessons

Beginner Surf Lessons

First of all beginner surf lessons at Mawgan Porth take place in waist deep water. Your qualified surf instructor and beach lifeguard will be close to hand to help you get the basics. Feedback and demonstrations will enable you to be up and riding right from the start. Feeling safe is the most important element to success.

In your first lesson you can expect to be kitted out in a warm wetsuit and provided with a soft surfboard. Our soft boards have lots of volume to therefor making it easy to learn to surf. The right equipment will enable you to succeed.

Lessons start on the beach with an introduction and safety talk. Warming up will improve your performance and prepare you mentally. A step by step approach to learning will get you up and riding in no time.

Our instructors will be incredibly hands-on and whilst we will surf with you, we won’t leave you alone in the water. So you will get great demonstrations enabling you to do your best.

Standing up is just the start, most people benefit from two to three lessons in order to grasp the basics.  Learn to control, turn in both directions, speed up and slow down. Finally you might even take a few small green waves!

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